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Die Cut Machines

Die Cut Machines
Die Cut Machines For Sale | The Classroom Store
Cut out many intricate paper shapes for your classroom with a die-cut machine for schools. Explore Ellison die-cut machines and compatible dies today!
Die-cut machines can be an easy way to add some flair to your lessons and classroom. These machines allow you to cut out intricate shapes and designs fast, great for embellishments, stickers and decor. With these additions, you can better appeal to your students and make your lessons that much more fun. At The Classroom Store, we have die-cut machines for schools for sale, along with many accessories.



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What Is a Die-Cut Machine?

A die is a metal-cutting shape used with a die-cut machine that presses into the paper and slices out the design. Typically, using them is as easy as sliding your piece of paper into the machine, inserting the die and lowering the handle or turning a crank. Then you can remove your shape and use it as you like! 
Die-cut machines are:
  • Fast. Cutting out similar shapes could take hours by hand.
  • Intricate. Many of the dies would be simply impossible to cut with scissors.
  • Consistent. Each shape looks just as good as the last.
You can use die-cut machines to create decorations for your classroom display board, stickers for assignments, figures for students to color in or learning components, such as clocks or pie charts, to accompany your lessons. The possibilities are endless, and you can let your creativity fly with a die-cut machine for your school.

Ellison® Die-Cut Machines for Sale

Our selection of die-cut machines comes from Ellison — a trusted manufacturer. Their die-cutters feature ergonomic handles and can accommodate up to five pieces of paper at a time for quick batch cutting. These durable machines were built for the classroom and work on the same materials as scissors, including construction paper, vinyl and magnet sheets. We carry several die-cutters, along with starter packs that have everything you need to get started.

Dies for Die-Cut Machines and Storage

What would a die-cut machine be without the dies? We carry plenty of Ellison dies for classroom use, as well as compatible Sizzix Bigz™ dies. Some options include letters and numbers, animals, weather, holidays, math, clothes, bookmarks, people, dialogue boxes, special phrases and miscellaneous shapes. You can even find dies to make 3D geometric shapes, with the press adding perforation for easy folding on the edges.
In addition to a wide selection of dies, we also carry storage racks to keep all your dies neat and organized.

Die-Cut Machines for Sale at The Classroom Store

At The Classroom Store, we know what it takes to cultivate a classroom that supports your young learners. You know your students' unique requirements, so we offer a wide selection of quality products — all at affordable prices — so you can get what you need for any budget. Our Ellison die-cut machines for sale are an excellent tool to have in your classroom, and the dies that go with them can take creativity to the next level.
To learn more about our die-cut machines for sale, view our various options. If you have any questions, reach out to our knowledgeable representatives!
Die Cut Machines For Sale | The Classroom Store Die Cut Machines For Sale | The Classroom Store Die Cut Machines For Sale | The Classroom Store Die Cut Machines For Sale | The Classroom Store Die Cut Machines For Sale | The Classroom Store Die Cut Machines For Sale | The Classroom Store
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