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Early Learning Games

Early Learning Games
Early Learning Games For Sale | The Classroom Store
Engagement and motivation are significant parts of any child's education. Browse early learning games for preschoolers to help them build a solid foundation.
Gaming is one of the best ways to get your students interested in what they're learning about and build a variety of valuable life skills at the same time. Early learning educational games can promote intrinsic motivation through activities that feel more like play than learning. They're also excellent for developing overall skills such as reasoning, language and social learning, and more specific concepts, such as learning letters, shapes and animals.




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Our Early Learning Educational Games

Our educational games for preschoolers for sale cover many topics. They include games in the following categories:
  • Alphabet games: From a classic board game race to bingo and flashcards, students can use alphabet games to further their knowledge of phonics. They get to build familiarity with letters while having fun playing games.
  • Animal games: Learning about the animals of the world is already exciting, but games can help make the names stick. Our animal-focused educational games for preschoolers offer fun opportunities to quiz themselves, play games involving critters and become well-versed in wildlife.
  • Colors and shapes: Help children get a better understanding of these important topics with bright and appealing games. Students can work with characters such as an elephant, frog or lightning bug as they match the correct colors and shapes to the toys.
  • Math games: Learning to count doesn't always come naturally. Early learning math games can give students more experience with numbers through motivating activities. They can build a tower of number blocks in a fun stacking game, race their friends to the finish with board games or play exciting card games.
  • Phonics, reading and spelling games: These games offer excellent practice for learning words, reading and spelling. Students can spell and speak their way through easy-to-learn board games, themed flashcards and many other exciting language arts games for early learners.
While the above games cover many educational topics popular in curriculums, we also have early learning games related to the senses, cooperation, empathy and social skills, along with classic games that are just plain fun! Most educational games are a great way to get more bang for your buck since they work on many skills at once. For instance, students might be working on learning their letters, but at the same time, they'll be playing with their peers and developing social, collaboration and problem-solving skills.Our collection of early learning educational games for sale are perfect for keeping kids entertained without sacrificing learning time. You can work them into a lesson or use them when you have some time to kill in class.

Boost Engagement With Early Learning Games for Sale From The Classroom Store

Games can add an excellent motivational factor to any educational topic, as students have a more clearly defined goal and love the challenge that comes with it. But no classroom is the same, which is why The Classroom Store offers a wide assortment of educational games for preschoolers and other early learners. Choose from our quality, cost-effective early learning games available online and enjoy the help of our supportive customer service team.To learn more about our educational games, browse our options or reach out to our team today.
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