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STEM Coding Materials For Sale | The Classroom Store
Coding is becoming more important in the digital age. You can help your students be prepared with our coding robots for kids for sale. Buy online today.
In today's ever-advancing technological world, coding and programming are essential fields. More students may find themselves working with code, and it's a great idea to expose them to programming early. Besides, coding can be incredibly fun for kids of all ages and sets them up for participation in extracurricular activities such as competitive robotics clubs. We have a versatile collection of coding robots and toys for teaching this beneficial topic to kids.



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Coding Robots for Kids

Coding robots come in many different styles but typically feature some kind of cute critter in a bright color. They might have tracks or assistive coding cards to help students learn and put their skills to the test.Some of our coding and programming toys for sale include:
  • The Code and Go® Mouse: This little purple rodent features directional buttons on its back and creates noises and lights as it moves. Students can program the mouse with a step-by-step path and send it through mazes or use it to play games. We have sets that include mats and game pieces for different activities and a maze-building kit.
  • Artie 3000: This owl-shaped robot friend brings the "A" in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) to coding. Artie 3000 has a drag-and-drop app-controlled interface and holds onto different markers. It can be programmed to create shapes, draw and color.
  • Botley™: Botley™ has advanced obstacle detection and can use if/then programming logic and looping commands. It can follow drawn lines or preprogrammed paths. We also carry a Botley™ activity set with a range of challenges and resources to offer your students.

The Benefits of Learning to Code

Aside from widening future career options, learning to code can have various other positive effects for students. Supporting or introducing this activity can help students with:
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Coding asks kids to break a problem down into smaller parts and develop logical, computational ways of thinking. These skills are essential for any child for academic and general success, especially in STEAM subjects.
  • Creativity. Coding also calls for a creative approach — after all, it's like learning a new language and can require unique and artistic solutions. Coding also offers many self-expression opportunities for students, such as creating their own websites or designing a game. These are excellent creative outlets for many technologically savvy students.
  • Resilience. Coding can be tough. While these little robots offer age-appropriate challenges, coding, in general, can require hard work and a clear vision of what you're working toward. Many coders find that the debugging process is half the fun, and the satisfaction they get when something finally works is worth it.
  • Math skills. Many students have trouble with math, and coding can incorporate math skills in a fun, seamless way.

Toys for Teaching Coding for Sale at The Classroom Store

Expose your students to the magical world of coding with our coding and programming toys for sale. The Classroom Store carries a range of kits and robots to help you bring coding to the classroom. Check out our full selection and order today. If you have any questions, contact our team for help. 
STEM Coding Materials For Sale | The Classroom Store STEM Coding Materials For Sale | The Classroom Store STEM Coding Materials For Sale | The Classroom Store STEM Coding Materials For Sale | The Classroom Store STEM Coding Materials For Sale | The Classroom Store STEM Coding Materials For Sale | The Classroom Store
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