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Giant Polydrons

Giant Polydrons
STEM Giant Polydrons For Sale | The Classroom Store
Polydron building sets reveal the power of shapes. Help your students build structures with our wide array of giant Polydron sets for sale. Order today.
For little builders, giant Polydron sets offer endless opportunities for creativity. These big plastic pieces are long-lasting and incredibly fun for any young learner. The Classroom Store offers a range of giant Polydron sets for classrooms with cost and quality in mind.


Our Giant Polydron Building Sets for Sale

Giant Polydron building sets feature large triangles and squares that fit together via interlocking pegs on their edges. Kids can then use them as giant 3D puzzles to build houses, bridges, towers and whatever else they can come up with. While giant Polydron sets are pretty big, extra-large options are big enough to create structures some kids can fit inside!
Both options aid in interactive, whole-body building activities. With a giant Polydron set, kids can work on their:
  • Building skills. Through trial and error, kids learn what they need to do to build a structure that can stand independently. For instance, a poor base will cause their tower to topple. These are important foundations for many science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) subjects.
  • Shape learning. Squares and triangles work together differently, and kids will learn this as they work to build walls, ceilings and bridges.
  • Motor skills. Handling these large objects and sticking them in place combines fine and gross motor skills, along with hand-eye coordination.
  • Problem-solving skills. To build a structure, kids need to plan and try different things. They'll learn more about how they can change their methods to get there.
Polydron pieces are made of tough, durable plastic and are perfect for classrooms. They can resist water, stomping and the inevitable damage that comes from playtime. For young classrooms, this can be much more appealing than other building sets.

Use the Sets for These Activities

Free building is one of the best activities you can facilitate with large Polydron sets since they let students run wild with their imaginations. There's no limit to what kids can build with a good Polydron class set. They can also have tower-building competitions, and you can use the pieces to teach math concepts, pattern recognition and comparisons. The structures are also ideal for playing house, building blanket forts and creating environments for large dolls and action figures.
We have several giant Polydron sets for sale, including extra-large versions and those with gears for a tactile add-on, so kids can build their tower and spin it too. Our selection of jumbo Polydron building sets is durable and versatile, offering endless playtime for many young students.

Your Source for STEAM Classroom Supplies

An extra-large Polydron building set is great for building your students' STEAM skills. At The Classroom Store, we have a variety of classroom Polydron sets for children so they can learn a range of different skills while having a great time. In our selection, you'll find an excellent balance of cost and quality, along with exceptional customer service. Our team is happy to help if you have any questions.
Check out our full inventory of jumbo Polydron sets to learn more.

STEM Giant Polydrons For Sale | The Classroom Store STEM Giant Polydrons For Sale | The Classroom Store STEM Giant Polydrons For Sale | The Classroom Store STEM Giant Polydrons For Sale | The Classroom Store STEM Giant Polydrons For Sale | The Classroom Store STEM Giant Polydrons For Sale | The Classroom Store
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