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The proposed master plan of the society is attached as under:


The moza of the Blue world city is a village named Sehal.


One of the beguiling and captivating features will be its wide network of carpeted roads connecting all areas of society. Main Boulevard will be 120ft, main roads more than 80ft and all the streets will be 40ft wide.


Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has issued the NOC to Blue World City.

In the beginning, Preliminary Planning Permission for around 427 Kanal of land was given to the society, after which another application was submitted to get the Planning and Advertising permission for 5000 Kanal of land. The application was under process with the RDA for months until Aug 2018.

This new permission is given for phase 1, covering 5000 kanal. The NOC situation of this society resembles that of Capital Smart City, another society waiting for approval of NOC of its extension area.

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The total land acquired by the project is almost  Kanal and the whole area will be divided into four phases and then into further blocks and plots.

The society is offering:

  • 5 marla, 8 marla, 10 marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal Residential plots.
  • 4 kanal and 8 kanal Farm houses.
  • 5 marla and 8 marla Commercial plots.

The society has offered 3 years and 4 year instalment plan for the ease of the convenience of its investors. Bookings start with only 10% down payment which is as low as Rs.80000.


The payment for 5 marla plot is 700,000, which has a down payment of 70,000 and there are 48 montly instalments which is approximately 6,563 and 8 semi annual instalments which would be 39,375.

The payment for 8 marla plot is 1,000,000, which has a down payment of 100,000 and there are 48 monthly instalments that is 9,375 and 8 semi annual instalments which would be 56250.

The payment for 10 marla plot is 1,200,000, which has a down payment of 1,200,000 and there are 48 monthly instalments that is 120,000 that is 11,250 and 8 semi annual instalments 67,500.

The payment of 1 kanal plot is 2,100,000, which has a down payment of 2, 10,000 and there are 48 monthly instalments that is 19,687 and has 8 semi annual instalments 118,125.

The payment of 2 kanal plots is 3,800,000, which has a down payment of 3,800,000 which has a down payment of 380,000 and there are 48 monthly instalments that are 35,625 and 8 semi annual instalments which are 213,750.


Blue Group of Companies have launched the overseas block in their housing society. This block is slowly and gradually becoming the high point of this remarkable housing project. The overseas block is made solely for the overseas Pakistanis who have acquired higher expectations and taste for classic and lavish facilities.


The Overseas Block has direct access from Chakri Road and will enjoy its designated gate directly through the Main Gate of the society, which is almost about to complete.

The housing project will also have access from Rawalpindi Ring Road, which will connect directly to Blue World City Islamabad with Motorway M-2 and Islamabad city in the next 2 years.

The project is gaining a lot of attraction from the local and international investors for its appealing and beguiling location.

Lack of Regulations Causes Increase in Bounce House Injuries

Lack of Regulations Causes Increase in Bounce House Injuries

Families gathering on a sunny, cloudless day for a youth soccer tournament in Oceanside, N.Y., soon found their fun-filled outing becoming an unbelievable nightmare as gusts of wind sent three giant, inflatable bounce houses careening across the field, lifting their occupants and colliding with participants and bystanders. The accident resulted in multiple injuries, sending 13 children and adults to the hospital for treatment, including one mother who was critically injured when an inflatable crash-landed on her.

The inflatable amusements were set up for the event to provide entertainment to young people who attended. Like other bounce house accidents, what began as an innocent fun turned into serious danger when the houses unexpectedly became airborne. As the inflatables began to lift off the ground and scud across the field, tossing and tumbling the children trapped inside, parents, coaches and other onlookers attempted to grab and hold the giant structures, only to find themselves knocked flat. Others attempted to “pop” the houses with pocketknives in an attempt to deflate them.

Mike Perniches, one of the fathers at the event, told the Associated Press, “I never thought there would be any serious issues, any concerns with safety – but now, I’m like, forget it.”

Although they may appear “lighter than air,” bounce houses are actually heavy structures that can cause considerable injury when not properly installed and supervised.

Unfortunately, injuries are not uncommon: In April in just over a week, nine children were injured when two inflatable slides collapsed in events in California; in 2010, a Pennsylvania man died after he was pinned by a collapsing slide; and in that same year, a five-year-old boy died when he fell from an inflatable, landing on a concrete floor.

A 2005 report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission examined accident rates involving inflatables and found there were 4,900 bounce house injury cases in 2004, a significant rise compared to accident data from 1997 which linked the structures with 1,300 injuries.

The increase in bounce house accidents is likely due to two primary factors: an increase in the popularity of the portable play areas and an alarmingly spotty record of industry-wide safety regulations and bounce house operating instructions. As a result, many injuries occur due to lack of proper installation and management. Often, bounce house rentals in milwaukee wi and renters allow structures to be overseen by individuals who have not received proper training. The installer may also have very little, if any, guidance in proper anchoring.

Individuals who are injured by inflatables can have serious injuries and incur considerable costs; even minor injuries can end up requiring thousands of dollars in care. Hiring a lawyer with significant experience in handling bounce house liability cases is the first step in ensuring adequate compensation. In addition to renter liability, a qualified attorney can determine the existence of both operator liability and supervisor liability, helping make sure those injured receive payment for their ordeals.


Questions and Answers for Bounce House Setup

Questions and Answers for Bounce House Setup

Are classified as the Inflatable Bouncers safe?

Absolutely! Providing each of the rules outlined for the operating procedures page of the rental contract are followed, along with the unit is supervised all of the time, they’re safe.

What kind of power is called for?

You will be required to supply an electrical outlet. Our bounce houses plug right standard 110 household outlet. We will provide cord, and then we ask that nothing else be connected to the outlet i am utilizing. Make sure you test outdoor outlets as they are more likely to go south, in case you may not utilize them often, you may not realize that they do not work until time for setup. Keeping the bounce house should not be any in excess of 50ft from that outlet. If you’d like to set up a bounce house for a park or place without an electrical outlet within 50ft, contact us therefore we can arrange to utilize a generator for yet another charge.

Which surface can the bounce house be added to?

The safest surface is really a level grassy area. However, we will put in place on concrete, asphalt, or bark. Please specify when ordering which surface we are putting together on and we will be certain we use the proper anchors for your event.

May I have my party for a park?

Yes. Bounce Houses are good for parks. Some parks require you have reservations to be able to employ a bounce house at the park. Contact the park district for requirements. Also verify if electricity are going to be available, in any other case we can insurance policy for an electrical generator for the next charge. We are going to should also know the time that you plan on ending your party so we can easily arrange to pick up the inflatable right after. This assures that you don’t need to worry about it when you have left.

What’s your weather policy?

Your child’s safety is our main concern. Inflatable rides can’t be used during rain, thunderstorm or high winds. We reserve the authority to cancel due to rain or high winds. If we cancel on account of weather then this full deposit might be refunded. Regardless of whether looks overcast in the am i will call prior to leaving and get should the party remains to be a spin. Should you say yes than i will emerge as well as set up. If after build the party is canceled no refunds are going to be made.

What if it rains?

If this does rain, you will soon towel-dry the bounce house and begin bouncing again. We do not refund after delivery if this rains but we are going to confirm on delivery day in the event the forecast looks bad.

Are you insured?

Absolutely! Bounce house rentals Milwaukee wi carries full liability insurance on our inventory; in the instance of injury or malfunction of our equipment. This statement in no way implies responsibility. YOU are still liable for the security on the children whilst in the inflatable is due to use. Please read your rental agreement. Customers have to sign our contract including a waiver of liability.

I’ve been doing its job the bounce house developer for period of time.


5 Great Bounce House Themes for Girls

5 Great Bounce House Themes for Girls

Nowadays, renting a bounce house has become the newest and the most admirable birthday party trend. It is fairly a cheap and fun option to rent a huge inflatable bouncer for all events especially for kids’ birthday celebrations, family get-togethers or graduation parties. Moonwalks bring more entertainment and excitement to the party and can keep everyone busy by providing nonstop bouncing fun. Bounce house rentals come in a wide variety of stylish themes for both boys and girls. This article will help you in selecting the most exciting and stylish moon walks themes for girls.

  1. Princess Castle – A Fascinating Moonwalk Theme!

Princess castle moonwalk is a very popular theme among all girls as it not only fascinates your little princess but it also attracts all your party visitors. The princess bouncy castle is especially designed to create a magical place for kids and keeps them entertained throughout the party. Princess bouncing castles are the perfect choice for an exciting outdoor activity for your little princess.

  1. Birthday Cake Moonwalk – A Perfect Bouncing Fun!

Numerous bounce house rental companies provide various moonwalks in different sizes and shapes including birthday cake inflatable which will surely be a fun part of your daughter’s birthday party. Birthday cake moonwalk is available with a slide which will double the bouncing fun and provide unlimited entertainment at the party.

  1. Hamburger Bouncer – Truly Mesmerizing Fun!

Hamburger bouncer is another exciting theme of moonwalk that will be the best choice for your daughter’s birthday party. This gigantic burger shaped moonwalk, due to its huge size it can easily accommodate a large number of kids and everyone will have a great time jumping.

  1. Big Inflatable Combo – Bouncing Fun with Slide

This is another exciting and fascinating milwaukee bounce theme that also provides never ending fun at the party. Your kids will surely love to jump inside this inflatable combo which is attached with a fun slide that will enhance the bouncing fun. Combo inflatable with a slide will provide immeasurable entertainment for the kids and will certainly make your party a huge success.

  1. Party House Bouncer – Fun Party House!

Party house moonwalk is a fascinating bounce house theme for girls. All girls will definitely enjoy bouncing around in this party house inflatable. This particular theme for an inflatable is perfect for family gatherings.

These are a few popular bounce house themes for girls that can easily be rented. There are various bounce house rentals that provide huge, stylish and colorful moonwalks that can complement with any party theme and you can easily choose from a huge variety of inflatable for your upcoming event.



Green House Technology

Green building provides durability, energy and water savings, and improved indoor air quality. Besides benefiting the environment, the builder and the community at large, green building benefits the homeowner by providing better durability, energy savings, water savings and improved indoor air quality.

A green home is a durable home. For a homeowner, that means less work and expense to maintain the home properly, and components of the home won’t need to be replaced as often, if ever. Some of the durable building materials have 40-50 year warranties. In addition, many of the materials used for building are made of recycled- content that is mixed with wood-waste fibers. These materials hold much stronger than regular traditional wood. Also, these materials discourage and do not attract pests, since the chemicals put into them are pest-free.

Besides green building providing durability, energy efficiency is also in every green home. Besides saving homeowners money for the costs of utilities and such, it also saves money when constructing the actual home. Energy-efficient homes include a tight thermal envelope, which is a sealing used to reduce air leakage. It also comes with an installation of a properly sized HVAC system. This system is used to provide greater comfort and lowers the energy costs for the homeowner. Finally, there are also advanced framing techniques used within the home, allowing the use of more insulation than conventional 2-by-4 studs.

Alongside giving durability and being energy efficient, green building also provides homeowners with water savings. It reduces the amount of water that a home needs, and it is very efficient in states that have higher climates. By installing appliances like dishwashers and clothes washers that are Energy-Star-rated, it cuts the bills for homes by a significant amount. Also, having an efficient plumbing-system and a new-generation landscape watering system can definitely reduce water-runs and even decrease over spray and evaporation, while reducing runoff.

Finally, green house building has also proved to improve the air, especially indoors. Green homes tend to have better air quality than regular, conventional homes, so the indoors in the new-advanced homes are much healthier and more comfortable. There is a minimization of volatile organic compound emissions, meaning that the materials used in the constructing of the home, the paint, the cleaners, and the adhesives, are much healthier to breathe in than normal building materials used. In addition, there is a huge elimination of mold potential. Mold can lead to breathing and lung problems, so green building can definitely cut down and decrease the chances of getting those issues. A properly sealed and ventilated building envelope prevents any moisture that is unhealthy to come into the home and even eliminates the mold from growing. Finally, by installing a radon-mitigation system, it allows harmful radon gas from the surroundings to be ventilated and released outside the home’s exterior. This reduces homeowners’ levels and chances of exposure to unnecessary gases.

Top Reasons for Roof Repair San Antonio

Roofs are one of the most important parts to pay special attention in buildings. They protect property from external damages and other outside atmosphere. The roofs have the life span of 20 to 30 years based on the material it is made up of. The roofs need to be maintained properly with regular inspections to not get damaged. The extreme climatic conditions can cause roofs to get damages. Heavy winds, over sunlight, high rains can cause damages to roofs. Accumulated water or moisture is the most possible reasons for roof repairs.

There are several companies offer Roof repair San Antonio. You can hire them to solve the issues of roof repairs. Select best company that offers all kinds of installations and repairs services. Hire the licensed company that gives best service with their professional workers. They has best equipment in the industry and workers also has years of experience in dealing with all kinds of roof repair works. Hence you can hire their service to handle any Roof repair San Antonio works.

Related image

Some of the reasons of Roof repair San Antonio:

The roof repairs are common type of problem after the long run of roofs. People will think of changing the complete roofs when they arise these problems. This is totally wrong and with small repair works you can use the same roof for years. Another major thing is people will do some temporary repairs when they see leakages or cracks over roofs. These are also wrong and hiring the best Roof repair San Antonio Company will only give you best results.

Extreme climatic conditions are the main reason to get cracks or leakages with roofs. The heavy rains causes’ water to get accumulated over roofs those results in leakages. You should not seal these water leakages with your own. The roof repair company will bring proper equipment with which they will provide permanent solution to these leakages.

Strong winds are also another reason to the damaged roofs. These winds will blow off the roof causing cracks and other damages. These reasons cannot be controlled by humans as they are climatic causes. The only thing will recover you from these roof cracks are hiring best Roof repair San Antonio Company. They have well experience in dealing with all kinds of roof repairs including leakages and heavy cracks. Hence they will give you benefit of roof repairs.

How to hire these services:

Hiring Roof repair San Antonio Company services are so easy. There are number of companies offer these services in San Antonio. A small internet search will give you best results from which you can select right company to your repairs. There are some factors you need to consider while hiring their services. These include quality services, licensed and insured company, professional workers, recommended company services and other reasons. Hence picking best Roof repair San Antonio Company based on all these parameters will help you to get best solution in roof leakages and cracks.

Strong Points For Using A Plumber San Antonio

The first reaction when someone is faced with a leaking faucet or a damp spot in the house would be to have a good look to see if it can be fixed with a simple DIY effort.  But the professional services of the plumber San Antonio can be irreplaceable for not just the quality of work but more for the most suitable of solutions to the problem.  Most of the plumbers do have the specialized training and skills to perform an excellent job at not just the most pressing need, which is the leak but concentrates on setting right the condition.

The professional touch of the plumber

Not even the most through of the DIY efforts could match the professionalism often produced by the plumber.  The most telling features of the training program that the worker goes through would be demonstrated in such situations that need the use of specialized skills.  Thus there is much more value to the work done than the approach taken by the property owner himself most of the time.

The cost factor with the plumber San Antonio

It could well be said that it is the cost of hiring out a worker that keeps people from calling out to the plumber for his services at most times.  But when the professional service is made use of, there would be savings in the amount of work material that is being used up and more importantly there would be little by way of damaged parts and wasted work material as well.

So in the long run, the longer lasting solution provided by the qualified plumber would more than offset the cost of hiring out the professional worker.

The reachability factor

There are places around the world where it would be hard to reach out to a proper plumber when the need so arises.  But the accessibility of a worker is less of an issue at present than at any time in the past.  This has a lot to do with the use of information technology that makes affordable the uses of services like the websites and automated answering systems.

The substantial role that information systems play in the modern business enables the worker to be within easy reach and on hand right around the clock.

The support provided by the professional network

In many instances, the plumbing work might have to be supported by the services of the bricklayer or the mason.  It is the practice of the typical plumber to have access to some support services that are subsequently needed with plumbing works.  So the plumber could well turn out to be the contact point in such cases, and this would save considerable time and effort while executing the jobs.

There is just no denying the active role of professional workers in any field and the plumbing services are no exemption.  But the customer has to weigh in the final results at all times before the call as to make use of the plumber San Antonio has to be made.

Hire Waterproofing Contractors for Radon Mitigation and Crawl Space Encapsulation

Management and maintenance of the infrastructure is very important and beneficial as well. With the proper maintenance of infrastructure, you will be able to enjoy staying or working in it and also will be able to get good returns when you decide to sell it too.

There are many services like basement waterproofing, radon testing, radon mitigation, foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, bowed basement wall repair, basement repair, mold removal, etc. for the repairs and management of the part of the infrastructures like wet basement, leaky basement, yard drainage, radon, foundation settlement, crawl space, wall anchors, foundation piers, house sinking, indoor air quality, dehumidifiers, basement mold as well as crawl space mold. To get all these services, it is very important to hire the foundation contractors, waterproofing contractors and other such related experts that can provide you with the above mentioned services at very affordable prices and with the assurance of best quality services as well.

To get all these services is not just very easy, but also a very professional and sometimes an elite way of hiring these infrastructure management strategies through which you can stay without taking any risks or chances of getting the infrastructure damaged due to any reason.

There are certain parts of the house that need proper maintenance as compared to the other parts of the house, like the crawl space and the maintenance of the radon concentrations in the breathing zones of the building. For these, there are services like radon mitigation and crawl space encapsulation, respectively, through which, the main parts and main ways in which the life environment for the people can be managed to a very higher level.

Such services are very important to maintain by hiring them from the set of professionals and experts that have years of experience, knowledge and expertise in handling these problems. They are so very effective that they can handle the problem of any degree at any point of time.

You can go for the radon mitigation and crawl space encapsulation services that are provided by the experts, as with these services at the main, you will be able to strengthen the infrastructure at a stronger rate. There are different methodologies and strategies used with the help of the latest and modern equipments to give these services. The experts having good experience in using these services at a very professional level have very good ideas as to which strategy to be used in what type of infrastructure so that the best solution can be obtained.

Hence, hiring services like basement waterproofing, radon testing, radon mitigation, foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, bowed basement wall repair, basement repair, mold removal, etc. for the repairs and management of the part of the infrastructures like wet basement, leaky basement, yard drainage, radon, foundation settlement, crawl space, wall anchors, foundation piers, house sinking, indoor air quality, dehumidifiers, basement mold as well as crawl space mold is not just very important, but also very highly beneficial from all the aspects.

You can get all these services, especially the radon mitigation and crawl space encapsulation services, with the help of the waterproofing contractors and the foundation contractors having very good experience, knowledge and expertise in providing these services and that too at very affordable prices.

Working Around Radon

If you’re working in underground structures or in close contact with soil, you may be at risk for radon exposure. Radon is an invisible, odorless, tasteless, radioactive gas formed by the disintegration of uranium in the soil. Radon is present everywhere in small amounts, but high radon levels can occur in regions where the rock or soil is rich in uranium. High levels of radon are linked to lung cancer. In fact, long-term exposure to radon gas is the second highest cause of lung cancer after smoking. If your work involves spending extended periods underground, or if you’re working in caves or excavations, be aware that radon can be a dangerous workplace hazard.

Where is radon found?

Low levels of radon exist everywhere but radon system can become hazardous when work is being done in or around uranium-rich earth. As the uranium decays it turns into radium, which then decays into radon gas. Radon gas can be present outdoors and can also leach through soil and floors and enter buildings and other enclosed spaces.

The concentration of radon in the indoor air depends on the amount of radium in the soil and how easily it can move through building materials and into indoor spaces. Things like concrete floors and walls slow down the movement of radon from the soil into a building, but cracks and other gaps allow radon to enter. Indoor radon concentrations are almost always higher than outdoor concentrations. Once inside a building, radon cannot easily escape, and this situation is worsened by building seals that are designed to limit the amount of outdoor air entering the building (for energy conservation purposes). Radon levels are generally highest in cellars and basements because these areas are nearest to the source and are usually poorly ventilated.

How to reduce the risk

If you work in an area that is known to have high concentrations of radon, you should investigate the conditions. This is particularly important if you are working in excavations or in structures with rooms partially or fully below ground level. Qualified professionals can provide an assessment or you can do it yourself with a measuring kit available online or in hardware stores. To provide a realistic measure of the radon exposure, measurements should be made in the lowest occupied level of the structure.

If your area tests above the government issued guidelines, you should hire a certified radon professional to assess how the radon level can best be reduced. The most common radon reduction method is called sub-slab depressurization. With this solution, a pipe is installed through the basement sub-flooring to an outside wall or up through to the roof line. Then a small fan is attached to draw the radon from below the building to the outside before it can enter the indoor spaces. This type of system can reduce the radon level in a building by more than 90%. Increasing ventilation and sealing major entry routes can also help reduce radon levels, but their effectiveness will be limited depending on the radon concentration and the unique characteristics of each building.

If you’re concerned about the uranium content in your workplace, many regions have maps available that identify areas with uranium-rich soil. Consulting one of these maps or taking radon measurements is a necessary first step to assessing your risk of being exposed to radon in your workplace.