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Building Bricks

Building Bricks
STEM Building Bricks For Sale | The Classroom Store
Our building blocks for kids offer creativity while building valuable science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) skills. Order online today.
Building bricks are a tried-and-true toy that can bring out any child's inner engineer or architect. They come in a range of colors and sizes, meant for both little hands and more dexterous ones. Kids can build freely or work with structured assignments and challenges. Building blocks are an incredibly versatile tool, great for many classroom science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) activities.



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Our Selection of Building Bricks for Classrooms

We have a large inventory of building bricks for kids for sale to support many kinds of activities. Our selection includes:
  • Standard-sized building bricks.
  • Extra-large play bricks with great durability.
  • Bricks with cute characters.
  • Compatible baseplates and bricks that work well with other major brands.
Building bricks for classrooms are a great way to incorporate a tactile experience, develop fine motor skills and provide bright, engaging colors for children to work with. They're also particularly useful because they're great for all ages. Young students can work with big blocks to learn the basics of building, while older kids can create any number of structures to flex their engineering skills. They might test a bridge's strength or discuss the differences in the speeds of cars they've built.
There are endless learning opportunities with a set of building bricks.

Activities for Building Bricks

You don't need any specific activity when working with these bricks, as kids can spend hours letting their imaginations run free. If you're looking for more educational tasks, though, there's no limit to the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) activities you can do with building bricks. Here are a few ideas:
  • Balloon cars: Grab a kit with wheels and let students build their own cars. Then, strap a balloon to each one, blow them up and watch them race.
  • Building brick challenges: Find an image of a structure and ask students to recreate it with their building blocks. You may be surprised at how creative they can get when making their own bridges, castles and trucks.
  • Math activities: Building bricks are useful for math activities since small pieces can be moved and stuck together. They work well as counting pieces and can be combined with worksheets to help students visualize the equations they're working with.
  • Brick artwork: Be sure to incorporate the "A" in STEAM and have students build their own 2D artwork on a baseplate. They can create beloved characters, holiday-themed designs or anything they like.
  • Marble mazes: Take a baseplate and let students create their own maze for a marble to move through. Then, have them trade with their classmates and try to solve each other's mazes. On a larger scale, this kind of activity can also work with toy cars.

Build Structures and Educational Opportunities With The Classroom Store

Working with The Classroom Store for your STEM and STEAM materials is a surefire way to enjoy a wide selection of quality resources. Our building blocks for classrooms come in a range of sizes and designs and are great for many activities. Most of them are compatible with other standard building block sizes, too, so you can mix and match with an existing collection.
Learn more about our building blocks for kids for sale and order online today. You can also contact us for more information!
STEM Building Bricks For Sale | The Classroom Store STEM Building Bricks For Sale | The Classroom Store STEM Building Bricks For Sale | The Classroom Store STEM Building Bricks For Sale | The Classroom Store STEM Building Bricks For Sale | The Classroom Store STEM Building Bricks For Sale | The Classroom Store
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