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STEM Activity Kits

STEM Activity Kits
STEM Activity Kits For Sale | The Classroom Store
Get your supplies for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) projects with our STEM activity kits. Browse our inventory and order online today.
Every letter in STEM creates countless opportunities for hands-on learning, but some of the tools needed can be specific or hard to find in the right quantities. That's where STEM kits for classrooms come in handy. These all-in-one kits provide most, if not all, the materials needed for various projects. They offer exciting activities for kids and make the whole process much easier on you — it's a win for everyone. The Classroom Store carries a wide variety of STEM kits for sale, so you can keep the fun going at the right price.




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STEM Kits for Kids for Sale

STEM kits can cover a wide range of topics, from hydraulics and rocket ships to artistic creativity and pendulum activities. They're also suitable for many different grade levels, so you can find projects for just about any young student. We have STEM kits for elementary students for sale and some that are appropriate for older grades.
These kits are an excellent choice for classrooms because they offer:
  • Just the right amount of materials. It's difficult to find many of the tools needed for these kinds of activities in small numbers. That means you'll have a bunch of extra rubber bands, popsicle sticks and balloons you don't know what to do with. That's not an issue with STEM activity kits — they come in small, class-sized quantities.
  • Specialized equipment. Some activities call for tools such as pendulums, catapults and robots that you probably won't find in your local grocery store. These kits can provide more specialized tools in affordable designs.
  • Easy storage. Say goodbye to digging out supplies from a giant pile of items in a tote box. Most of these kits come in convenient boxes to store all the materials until you're ready to use them.
With STEM activity kits, students get to use their skills in a variety of ways. They might generate combustions, engineer a container to protect a falling egg, make calculations about the movement of water or get artistic and think critically to design a board game. Other types of kits include robotic STEM packs to help kids learn programming and problem-solving skills. Check out our full supply of robotics equipment if you're looking for more options. 
However you want to challenge your students, our STEM kits for kids are a great choice. They deliver exciting educational opportunities in manageable, convenient packages perfect for classroom use.

Create Hands-On Experiments With STEM Activity Kits From The Classroom Store

When it comes to providing your students with engaging, educational projects that won't break the bank, The Classroom Store has you covered. We strive to provide teachers with cost-effective, quality supplies for all subjects, including the ever-important STEM topics. We carry a wide range of resources to help you make the most of these concepts in your classroom.
Browse our STEM activity kits for kids for sale, or reach out to us if you have any questions!
STEM Activity Kits For Sale | The Classroom Store STEM Activity Kits For Sale | The Classroom Store STEM Activity Kits For Sale | The Classroom Store STEM Activity Kits For Sale | The Classroom Store STEM Activity Kits For Sale | The Classroom Store STEM Activity Kits For Sale | The Classroom Store
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