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STEM Activity Cards

STEM Activity Cards
STEM Activity Cards | The Classroom Store
Help students practice their science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills with our STEM challenge cards for sale. Buy online today.
STEM can sometimes seem intimidating when it comes to incorporating the topics into a classroom. One way to make it easier is to use STEM activity cards. These handy card packs deliver a wide assortment of hands-on activities students can use to learn and practice their STEM skills with few materials required. The Classroom Store has several varieties of STEM activity cards for sale online, all with quality and affordability in mind.



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STEM Challenge Cards for Sale

Our STEM challenge cards make it simple to conduct a massive range of educational activities. They're fast and can often be done with everyday items lying around the classroom or house. Cards include detailed information about what's going on during the activity — what forces are at work, what principles are required and how everything is possible. Many cards introduce related concepts for students looking to learn more.Some cards will even break down how the activity can be applied to the different elements of STEM. For instance, on a card for an activity involving surface tension, it might ask students to scientifically analyze the physical properties of water, research an art medium that uses surface tension or create a mathematical graph mapping out the activity's trials.Here are a few examples of the kinds of activities you can see on these cards:
  • Balance a dollar: You can use a magic trick to show students how mass and centers of gravity work. Fold a dollar bill into a sleeve with a nickel hidden on one side. You can then balance the side with the nickel on your finger, so the entire folded dollar looks like it's magically sitting on the tip of your finger.
  • Rocket challenge: Students might pick up a card that tells them to make a paper rocket they can launch without touching out of specific materials. They can get hints and more detail about how NASA gets rockets off the ground and what other concepts use force principles.
  • Create a pumpkin-picker: With this challenge, students are asked to build a machine out of items, such as clothespins, rubber bands and a bowl, that can move candy pumpkins to a container. This machine can then open up discussions about farming, how machines can impact crop quality and the importance of equipment design.
STEM activity cards can vary based on how they present the challenges — some will have straightforward directions, while others may just provide a directive and teacher's guide for helping out if kids get stuck. Cards will also vary based on age level. We have many for the younger grades and even some STEM challenge cards for middle school students.

Challenge Your Students With STEM Activity Cards From The Classroom Store

Our STEM activity cards for sale are a great tool to keep in your classroom, perfect for killing time or as part of your lessons. At The Classroom Store, we have many STEM activity cards available, including hard-to-find products and specially priced clo搜索引擎优化ut items.
Browse our full selection, and if you have any questions, our team is happy to help!
STEM Activity Cards | The Classroom Store STEM Activity Cards | The Classroom Store STEM Activity Cards | The Classroom Store STEM Activity Cards | The Classroom Store STEM Activity Cards | The Classroom Store STEM Activity Cards | The Classroom Store
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